About Dawn Carlson

Simply said, I would describe my painting as decorative with depth of meaning.  The work may be inspired by a comment, a piece of a photograph, a brush mark, a color, a shadow or perhaps the work of another artist.  Scale, texture applied to the canvas surface, and translucent veils of color are elements often used to create a physical image in the language of paint.

Mystery, meaning truth one can only know by revelation and cannot fully understand;  the mystery of the painter's craft. The outcome of the painting is never the same as the original intent.  Mystery is both the metaphor and method in my painting.

My studio is located in a converted warehouse in the Historic Warehouse Arts District of downtown Tucson, Arizona, bordering the Union Pacific Railroad Lines.  The University of Arizona where I studied art is nearby.  It is a vibrant, evolving area of artists studios, university students, and galleries.

"The perfect man has no method.
But it's not that he does not have method;

he has the perfect method that is no method.

The Wilderness Colors of Tao Chi
Chinese 1641